Global casting, direct to agents. Celebrating 15 years!

Global casting, direct to agents. Celebrating 15 years!


For 15 years, (formerly has provided the casting community with a simple way to search and view actor/talent profiles with demo reels in the most efficient manner possible. This is much different than a social media page, personal website, or IMDB page. This is a service we provide directly to the casting community, in a customized format for their needs. In other words, we make it easy for them to see as many reels as possible for the exact role or talent they're casting for. ProfilePage's are specifically designed for casting professionals, but you can use your ProfilePage as your main site, or anything else that may help promote you. Unlike IMDB, etc., you can take full control of what casting professionals see, as well as what the public sees. With a layout customization tailored to your strengths, a customized URL (or even your own URL) your brand identity is totally propelled unlike anywhere else.

Multiple languages are in the works now and should be released before the end of the year. This means your global exposure will grow exponentially.

Casting directors have their own, customized search tools to make their workflow lightning fast to keep focus on the casting and not the administrative hassles of technology, etc.

Talent management can create an account to oversee several clients within, and white label branding is available as well! Ask for more information.

All our membership categories have a free and PRO version too, so you can get started free, and upgrade whenever you like.